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Generic vs Brand

Generic VS Brand

Paying More for a Name? The difference between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Pinched by the economy lately? Gas prices too high for you? Then why not ask your doctor and pharmacist about generic drugs next time you go to pick your prescription up? They are cheaper and appear to look different than name brand prescriptions, but are made out of the same components. Generic brands of Sildenafil citrate and Vardenafil exist. Consumers spend more on drugs typically because they are paying for the brand-registered name Sildenafil citrate and Vardenafil. The biggest difference is that you as a consumer are paying for a brand name and not the medication itself.

With gas prices soaring across the country, people have resorted to cutting expenses where they can. People want to save money as much as possible. So why would anyone want to pay more for brand name drugs, like Sildenafil citrate and Vardenafil, when they can buy cheaper, generic brands?

Most consumers don't realize that over a half of all drugs available currently on the market have generic, cheaper counterparts. Some might shy away from buying these generic prescriptions, thinking that they are less effective than the brand name ones. This happens to be a common myth among consumers. The truth is, generic drugs are made out of the same ingredients as the brand name drugs. Instead of having the manufacturer assign a brand name, like in the case of Sildenafil citrate or Vardenafil, generic drugs are labeled by their chemical name.

Most states have passed standards for generic drugs. The Federal Trade Commission website states that generic drugs must be "generally equivalent to its brand name counterpart," meaning that is has the same chemical properties, same strength and dosage of the brand name. The Federal Trade Commission website also states that the standards for generic drugs require them to be "therapeutically equivalent." This means they will have the same medical effect as the brand name drug. In other words both Sildenafil citrate and its generic counterpart will help in the same way with erectile dysfunctions, however the first one will be more expensive because of its registered brand name. It's a kind of trademark and you as a consumer are paying for the rights of using it.

Not all drugs, however, have a generic counterpart yet. Patients can protect these prescriptions and some are protected by the monopoly of the manufacturer company on their production. However, when a drug's patent expires, generic forms of it may become available on the market. In some cases, doctors will only prescribe the name brand drug. In this instance, a pharmacist can only fill the brand name prescription. If not specified, the pharmacist may recommend generic, if it is cheaper and readily available. The Food and Drug Administration has set up a hotline for those consumers with further questions about generic vs. brand name drugs. The number to call is 800-532-4440.

So if generic drugs are essentially the same as brand name drugs, why are they cheaper? This is because alternative or smaller pharmaceutical companies manufacture these drugs. These companies usually don't invest in large things like research and development and media campaign. Another reason for the high cost of a drug like Sildenafil citrate is the television commercials on TV which inquire very costly expenses for its manufacturer. Ten times a day. Research, development and advertising can significantly increase the price of a product.

Ask yourself the next time you are at a drugstore picking up your prescription why as a consumer, should you pay more for a drug when a cheaper, same quality one exists? Why should you pay for all the research, development and advertising for this product? If generic is available, buy it! It is the same product as the brand name drug, just less expensive!

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