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The Pharmacy Choose Their Own Adventure

14-May-2008: Just about every American indie rock band right now has a fascination with bands from the Northwest corner of the country or Canada. It's gotten to the point where it's cliche and boring. Rather than trying to develop their own identity so many bands want to sound like an Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse hybrid that it's ridiculous. The sad thing is so few actually get it right that it's hard to care anymore. However, there are a few bands that actually do get it right and sound absolutely amazing; The Pharmacy is one such band.

Choose Your Own Adventure The Pharmacy's debut, pays obvious homage to the Northwest scene which, is all but impossible when you live there, but they steer clear of being cliche and add their own unique touches and influences to make the sound purely their own. The band has this herky-jerky rhythm that pulsates through the songs here making them almost impossible not to dance too.

Utilizing everything under the sun to come up with their brand of quirky pop The Pharmacy throw in violins, cellos, synths, harpsichords, the odd horn just to enrich their irresistible pop ditties with swathes of musical color. It works like a charm as The Pharmacy have come up with a hoppy, spiky, quick, and fun record that's destined to start a pohgoh party wherever it's heard.

From the baroque intro of, "Warm and Untorn," to the gurgling synths of, "Tropical Yeti," and the almost Arcade Fire expanse of "Try to Explain," Choose Your Own Adventure is a fantastic album of indie rock from the Northwest territories played the way it's supposed to be played. This is an album that takes its roots, expands upon them, betters them, and makes them all The Pharmacy's own and that's exactly what you want out of a band.

Source: First Coast News

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