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Malvern courting another pharmacy

23-Jul-2007: MALVERN - Approximately 90 residents of Mills County who used to have their prescriptions filled at the now closed Collins Drug Store in Malvern showed up to a meeting on Sunday to discuss acquiring a new pharmacy.

The pharmacy in Malvern closed in early June, causing concern among citizens who received healthcare from the business.

In response, longtime Malvern resident Karl Hertz, along with several others, organized a meeting to discuss potential options for pharmaceutical care in the area.

"It went well," Hertz said of the meeting held at the Malvern Conference Center on Sunday. "Quite a few pharmacists interested in coming to Malvern were there."

At least 15 of the attendees at the meeting volunteered to form a committee to study the feasibility of bringing a pharmacy to the area.

"The next thing will be to start contacting pharmacies in the area and simultaneously recruiting pharmacists," Hertz said. "The feeling was, 'Let's get going; let's get this done.'"

Though doable, Hertz said obtaining a pharmacy would require a subsidy of around $250,000, with medications accounting for $140,000.

He said it could be as soon as three months or as long as one year before a pharmacy opens in town. For now, locals can still get their prescriptions filled at pharmacies in Glenwood or Tabor. Some neighboring pharmacies are also offering to deliver needed medications.

Before the meeting, Hertz and others voiced their concerns the city's physician, Dr. Tom Baer with the Methodist Physician's Clinic, would leave town because the pharmacy closed. At the meeting, Baer reassured those concerned about his departure that he was staying.

"He has no intention of leaving" Hertz said. "Everybody was glad to know that. Though he says that Malvern must have pharmacy."

Source: Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil

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