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Olmos Pharmacy Getting Name Change; Alcohol License

30-Aug-2007: At the corner of Hildebrand and McCullough there's a building that's been around for almost 80-years. But now they're changing the name of the old Olmos Pharmacy.

For many San Antonians over the years Olmos Pharmacy has been a place where you could get a milkshake and your prescriptions filled. Today the soda fountain is still open, but the drug store closed more than a year ago. The new owners have big plans to fix up the building and create a new business.

The new name is Olmos "Bharmacy.' That's right, "BHAR--macy" with a "B."

"When we say, 'Meet me at the bar.' They'll know it's the B-H-A-R," says owner Dru Van Steenberg with a laugh.

Steenberg won't be your bartender, but she might just be your bharmisist. When the soda fountain at Olmos Pharmacy closes the Bharmacy will open. The alcohol will be stored on the very shelves where Pharmacist George Stone once filled patrons' prescriptions.

"My first charge account was with George in the early 70's when I was in eighth grade at St. Anthony's," recalls Steenberg. "My brother and I used to walk the four blocks to have milkshakes and hamburgers on many a summer day."

Now with a fresh coat of paint Dru says this will be your prescription for fun. She hopes to have a jukebox, old fashioned photo booth and maybe, like the pharmacy, a machine to check your blood pressure.

"So that somebody can come in here and have an iced tea or glass of wine and see if their blood pressure goes down as they relax," explains Steenberg.

It's just the service you would expect from your good neighbor bharmacy.

You'll still get those little pill bottles. At the end of the night they'll be dropped off at your table with your tab inside.

The Olmos Bharmacy is set to debut in the middle of September.

Source: WOAI

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