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No More Long Wait At The Pharmacy

30-Mar-2007: Pharmacists in Rapid City have a new 1,600 lb. friend named Earl - a robot that automatically counts, labels and dispenses prescription medicine.

Just about everyone has spent some time waiting in line for a prescription. But with new technology in Rapid City, like the Automed Efficiency Pharmacy R800 or "Earl", you can be in and out in minutes. And Pharmacist Curt Rising says that's good news for everyone.

"When we are busy it goes much faster than what we can and it has helped the wait times considerably," says Rising.

And shorter wait times mean the pharmacist can do their job better.

"It gives us quite a bit more time to talk with the patients and figure out what's going on with them so we can better care for their health," Rising replies.

The fully automated robot, which was named by customers, can count, fill and label more than 200 prescriptions an hour with 99.9 percent accuracy. And if that isn't good enough...

Rising mentions, "Everything with the robot is double checked, it has pictures of the pills that are in the bottle when you pull the bottle off the machine so you can verify right there on the spot that everything is correct and its been super."

Which has turned "Earl" into an attraction at the pharmacy.

"A lot of them come in and say man that is really cool, it is pretty neat to sit there and watch it," says Rising.

Pharmacist Curt Rising gave the Amerisource Bergen product the name "Earl" after conducting a vote with his customers.


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