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Pharmacy emphasizes customer contact

31-Jan-2007: WENTZVILLE - Some families move into a house. Jerry Roberts, owner of Standard Drug Health Mart Pharmacy, says his family has moved into a building on Wentzville Parkway.

The independently owned pharmacy celebrated its grand opening Jan. 19 as a business that Roberts said will offer the Wentzville community fast and friendly service and lower prices.

"We are part of the community. We are here to stay and we want to know you and your family," Roberts said, his arms propped on a small, round table in the front of the store.

He described the table as one of many small but new ideas he had planned for the nearly 9,000-square-foot pharmacy - the newest of four in the St. Charles County area. The table is meant to be a convenient spot for customers to view newly developed pictures of the one-hour photo lab or grab a drink while they wait for a prescription to be filled. The store also has drive-through prescription pickup and a room for health screenings and private discussions.

Roberts, who had worked in chain store pharmacies since the beginning of his career, took over as sole stockholder of Standard Drug in 1986. He said he learned a lot about what consumers are looking for in a pharmacy - honesty, convenience, friendliness and competitive pricing.

Roberts said Standard Drug Health Mart combines the best of both the chain and independently owned pharmacy worlds, by not just caring about what the consumer wants, but actually caring about the consumer.

The pharmacy is the focus of the store's layout, with visible drop-off and pickup locations and an open atmosphere. The pharmacy's private consultation room can be used for blood pressure, osteoporosis, cholesterol and glucose/diabetes screenings. A prescription-dispensing robot, updated software and adequate staff ensure timely and helpful service.

Roberts teamed up with the Health Mart franchise for the store's opening, which he said provides the business with the latest in marketing and merchandise. Other Standard Drug locations in St. Charles County will convert to Health Mart in 60 to 90 days, he said.

Roberts said he wants the pharmacy to have a hometown feel.

"It's my goal that when you walk up, my employees recognize you, know who you are, ask how the rest of the family is doing," Roberts said. "A chain store doesn't want people to talk about life ... They get your prescription and get you out of the way to fill the next one. We treat you like family."

Roberts said the business has already developed repeat customers. He said the area's growing population was one reason he decided to expand into Wentzville.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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